A Fragmented World, Not Far From This One

11 July 2008, The New York Times, ROSLYN SULCAS

Hofesh Shechter. It’s a name to remember. The Israeli-born Mr. Shechter, whose company made its first appearance in the United States at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival here on Wednesday night, is one of the most inventive new choreographic voices to turn up in quite a while. And in two pieces, “Uprising” and “In Your Rooms,” he shows that physical invention as part of a fiercely contemporary universe: pounding soundscapes, brilliantly moody lightscapes, changes of scene as abrupt as flickering television channels...

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Tension, passion captured in 'Uprising'

11 July 2008, The Boston Globe, Janine Parker

At the beginning of choreographer Hofesh Shechter's "Uprising," the cast's seven men rush forward, line up, and strike a balance on one leg, posed in the familiar ballet position of passé. It's amusing, but the longer they hold the position, sly: It's as if Shechter is saying to us, "Yes, what you're about to see is indeed dance, with trained dancers, but beyond that, let go of your expectations." Good advice, but unnecessary - Shechter had us at hello...

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Neuroses have never been so uplifting

7 October 2007, The Independent on Sunday, Jenny Gilbert

Artists need to struggle, don’t they? At least, that used to be the argument trotted out against cushy, European-style state subsidy. But here’s evidence to the contrary: a fledgling choreographer who’s gone from nought to 60 in six short months, all thanks to the faith, and funds, invested in him by a trio of major dance venues...

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A mighty heartbeat

2 October 2007, The Times, Debra Craine

This is the piece that grew and grew. Thanks to an imaginative collaboration involving three London theatres, Hofesh Shechter's dance started life at The Place (300 seats) in March, had live music added at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (900 seats) in May, and finally emerged bigger and better at Sadler's Wells (1,500 seats) last week. Within six months Shechter has travelled through London's most important contemporary dance venues, a journey that it has taken other choreographers years to achieve...

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Dazzling display by a star on the fast track

2 October 2007, The Daily Telegraph, Mark Monahan

HOFESH Shechter has been the subject of an intriguing experiment. London's three biggest-hitting contemporary-dance venues - the Place, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Sadler's Wells - have collaborated to "fast-track'' the Israeli-born choreographer from one venue to the next. The result is that the 32-year-old has gone from a 300- to a 1,500-seater in barely a fifth of the time that it would take most young choreographers, and last week he impressively sold out his two nights at Sadler's. But was all this hoopla justified?   Although not without minor qualifications (to come later), my answer is yes, it was. At each venue, Shechter (who even writes all his own music) has offered two pieces: the fully-formed Uprising, and In Your Rooms, a work in progress over the year...

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Hofesh Shechter

1 October 2007, The Guardian, Judith Mackrell

Six months ago, the Place, the Southbank Centre and Sadler's Wells collaborated on a unique experiment, offering Hofesh Shechter the resources to expand his small-scale work, In Your Rooms, to a major production. It has ended triumphantly. The final version doesn't just fill the Wells' stage, it explodes out of it...

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